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more think, more fun!

It is a design design office that pursues better things and designs and thinks every day.

From living space to everyday things, we will make proposals that will make your design even more enjoyable.

make a STORY.

MOA design works. First-class architect office

Fukuoka Governor Registration No. 1-61438

Business content

Building design, supervision and management. Regardless of new construction, renovation, use, structure

From space proposals, lifestyle proposals, furniture / accessory design, lighting / equipment, and storage plans

We propose a wide range of architecture and design, from block planning to land development.


Shoro Mori First-class architect

Born in Kumamoto

2017.8 Established MOA design works

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Akio Mori First-class architect

Born in Kumamoto prefecture

​2017.8 Established MOA design works


〒810-0014​ 福岡市中央区平尾1-4-7 土橋ビル401号



Room 401, Dobashi Building, 1-4-7 Hirao, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka

5 minutes walk from Yakuin station

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